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No matter what business you are in, creating a branded environment is important.  “Branded environment” is an all encompassing term that describes a business’ brand marketing that includes website, products, social media, marketing materials, corporate offices, retail stores and everything else in between.  This multi-dimensional approach to marketing and design elevates a business or a product beyond what it is to something far more.  A branded environment is comprehensive and when you are in a retail store you know exactly where you are, when you see a product on the shelf, you know exactly who designed it, when you see a logo, you know what it is without a single word.  A branded environment is the combination of all marketing approaches that also permeates the physical space of office buildings, retail stores and even factories.  A branded environment is an experience and when a business takes the time to build a branded environment it can be one of the most powerful tools for acquiring new customers and maintaining their customer base long term.

A branded environment goes beyond just the customer experience and extends to the company as a whole.  So many companies are famous not only for their products but for their company philosophy and approach to business.  Beyond a retail setting, companies like Google or Apple have branded environments that include their corporate offices.  They create an aesthetic that is in line with their business philosophy so that in turn employees are loyal and able to produce products that sync up with their overall business.  This is not just for a business that sells a product, this transcends all businesses.  Even a place like a hospital can create a branded environment.  While it is not always thought of as a business, even a hospital must market itself and encourage individuals to choose it over another hospital.  Creating a branded environment requires a skilled individual that knows how to execute a very unique plan to enhance your brand and extend it throughout every possible avenue.  It requires more than a talented marketing director, seasoned graphic designer or interior designer.  To create a branded environment you must have a unique understanding of how to seamlessly integrate a strategy so that an individual does not even realize fully what they are experiencing.  When it is done incorrectly it will feel clunky or forced, but our team at Fry Media can help you create the branded environment you need to elevate your business to a new level.



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Whether you are a well established business or just starting up you know that advertising is very important.  Advertising has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years and certain tried and true things are less effective while completely new things emerge as important, such as advertising on social media.  But, there is one thing that is undeniably timeless – signs.  You can advertise all day long in every possible format but if you do not have a sign for your business nobody will know where you are.  Additionally, if you have a bad, boring or poorly designed sign it may deter people from entering your business.  A sign is far more than words on a piece of metal or wood.  When you design a custom sign, you take the power back into your hands to control your branding and create the best sign for your business.

Designing a custom sign opens up a world of opportunities to create a sign that is a reflection of your business or services.  It is a chance to make an impact, stand out, intrigue both existing and new customers and encourage people to visit your business.  A generic sign will get the job done, but will it excite and intrigue?  No.  When a business invests in a sign it sends a subtle unspoken message that your business is successful, and that you have invested in your business because you believe in your services or products.  There are many options for customization.  Customization goes far beyond color or font options to include choices like size, materials, multi-dimensional options, LED signs and much more.  Because we work with our sister company, Fry Fabrications, we can fabricate the exact sign you want made from any material you prefer.  Our large format printing capabilities are state of the art and our graphic designers can help you determine the best design to properly promote your business.  Giving your business a unique look with a custom sign makes the statement that your business and services are also unique.  It helps reinforce a customer’s decision to work with you.  This is particularly important if your business serves a certain niche clientele or customer or has a specific theme because a boring sign will do nothing but let down customers.  Enhance and reinforce your businesses’ theme or defined brand by incorporating it into every element including signage.  Additionally, if you want to further enhance your business seasonally you could invest in seasonal custom signs, ensuring no one has a sign like you have.  Customers and business associates love attention to detail and with so many customization options you can design the ideal sign for your business that is uniquely your own.



In a world inundated with constant advertising, both subtle and not, how can businesses grab a consumer’s attention?  Truly grab it?  So often, advertising is simply white noise in a sea of other advertisements but for advertising to be effective it must be unique, interesting and eye-catching.  If you are advertising in a retail setting or at a trade show one unique way to stand out from the crowd and grab the eye of just about anyone is with floor and wall decals.  Whether potential customers are looking up or down they are bound to notice floor and wall decals which will help them notice their distinct advertisements and be interested, which will hopefully lead to additional sales – the goal of any good advertising campaign.

When walking through a retail setting or a trade show, customers may be there with a specific list of things to look for and/or purchase, or they may simply be window shopping and wandering to see what catches their interest.  Either way, you can control the messages a consumer receives and even help influence where they go in your store with the use of floor and wall decals.  Floor and wall graphics can be loud, bold, and proclaim their messages with an “in your face” approach or they could be very subtle and quietly influence how a consumer shops in your store.  They could be as obvious as bold arrows and specific floor designs leading customers to an area of the store where a promotion is occurring.  They could simply be your brand’s logo which will help create brand recall for the consumer and ensure your brand is an image they will not forget when it comes time to shop. There can be light texture, shine, and matte finish so that the style reflects your unique brand.  All of these customization options are important because once you have caught the eye of a possible customer you want them to like what they see so that they make a purchase or become a client.  Additionally, floor decals reduce how slippery a floor is which is an added bonus because it increases employee and customer safety.  But the best reason to use a floor or wall decal is that it leverages how much space you have to advertise to your client or customer.  A sign can only do so much and there are only so many places you can display it so that it is effective.  With floor and wall decals, you can easily place them wherever you need them and maximize your usable advertising space.  Additionally, floor and wall decals are very durable but still quite simple to remove and will cause no damage to surfaces.  This means that they can easily be changed out should a promotion change or a new ad campaign be determined.  They are flexible, functional and highly effective which is why anyone should incorporate the use of floor and wall decals.


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Any customer can walk in a store and make a purchase if they need something.  But, when a customer has a positive experience shopping because of store amenities and features they are far more likely to buy more and become repeat customers.  Once you have created a repeat customer that enjoys shopping in your store you can grow your customer base because loyal customers are customers that will refer their family and friends to your retail setting.  A bare bones store can sell a product but a store with good features is the kind of store that keeps customers coming back to enjoy their experience.

A retail display is far more than a shelf  that holds products.  A well designed custom retail display shows products in a unique way that enhances and promotes products in a better way.  Additionally, a great custom retail display is informative and even interactive.  When you create a  custom retail display you can create a completely immersive experience for the consumer by incorporating functional decor into the design aesthetic of your retail space.  This means that your retail space will feel cohesive and seamless while functional decor still does wheat it is meant to do.  You can choose color, size, style and materials so there will be nothing “generic” about the look and feel.  Have a unique product to display and want it to be eye-catching – no problem!  Custom design your displays so that they better display your specific products and encourage customers to linger longer and explore the product more.  If you choose to integrate technology you will enhance your customer’s experience that much more.  Everything about a retail display, and especially those with integrated technology, enhances a customer’s experience because it is like a silent salesperson.  There to help, educate and even answer questions without in-your-face sales tactics or pressure.  A customer can take in whatever information they want, at whatever pace they want and learn about products or easily find them in a convenient way because of a custom designed retailed display.  By incorporating a custom retail display in your store you communicate an unspoken message to customers that you have invested in your business and products because you believe in what you sell and value your brand but you also send the message that you value your customer’s experience.  A customer that is well cared for in their shopping experience, and can clearly see the value and effort put into creating that experience, will be a much happier customer that will be happy to patronize your retail setting in the future.


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Every day, from morning until night, we are bombarded by advertisements.  Because of this, we are often desensitized to a lot of advertising, not even realizing we are seeing it a good portion of the time.  In order for advertisements to be successful they must truly stand out, make an impact and intrigue potential customers.  Think about how many business signs you see while walking or driving.  Think about the kinds of signs your remember.  Most likely, they were not basic or boring generic signs.  Custom business signs make the kind of first impression that you want to make, draw people in, and create brand recognition by showcasing your business logo or name.

A custom sign can be designed to your exact specifications.  Choose size, materials, style, fonts, graphics and more.  This allows you to put your brand front and center and ensure that the signage customers see is an accurate reflection of your business.  While generic signs may send a message that you have made a  minimal effort a custom designed sign will subtly send the message that you have been successful and invested in your business to provide the best products or services.  In addition to putting your best foot forward and attracting more customers, you can custom design season sign options.  This is add particular visual interest and will help grab a customer’s attention in a unique and different way.  By custom designing your own business sign you get to enjoy the following benefits: freedom to customize your design, freedom to choose specific dimensions, control over the impression customer’s get of your business, and improved advertising.  All of these are immense benefits over choosing a generic sign that will simply be background noise amongst all of the other advertisements someone sees in a typical day.  Some businesses may think they do not have custom signs in their budget but it should be seen as a powerful marketing tool.  Rather than spending all of your advertising budget on methods that may or may not work, why not invest money in your business that is sure to influence customers as they visit your business by designing a custom sign.  Lastly, when you custom design your business sign you can choose how you want to display the sign.  Rather than a typical or standard form of displaying your sign you can choose creative and unique ways to display your sign so that it is impossible to not be seen.  This means that it will attract more attention than a typical sign and draw more potential customers to your business.


Good and effective marketing is often the key to a business’ success.  Marketing for any business can be a significant expense and it can be difficult to target exactly what the best marketing approach is.  How do you most effectively reach the most people that would be interested in becoming your customer?  Many marketing options require a repeat investment over time.  For example, if you purchase a radio spot it will only run for a set amount of time, perhaps 3 months, and then you will have to purchase a radio spot again in order to continue marketing to a certain demographic.  This never ending expense often becomes too much for a business to spend on a regular basis.  But, every business should have some marketing to continue to reach new clients and foregoing marketing altogether is not a wise choice.  So, what is the solution?  Vehicle wraps.  Whether you wrap the vehicle you are driving or wrap a fleet of business vehicles, a vehicle wrap is the ideal marketing tool for any business.

Any business, no matter service or product is being marketed, can take advantage of the benefits of vehicle wraps.  A vehicle wrap can be done in a very understated way or in a very loud and eye-catching way but either way, your business’ name, website, phone number and brand in general will be marketed to hundreds or thousands of people every day.  The marketing potential of a single vehicle wrap is truly astonishing and when you wrap an entire fleet of vehicles it is only compounded.  Think about how many people will simply drive or walk by your parked vehicle that is wrapped.  That wrapped vehicle that is parked is essentially a simple billboard but it is still very effective.  Where the enormous marketing potential of a wrapped vehicle comes in is when you drive that vehicle.  Whether you drive that vehicle for personal reasons, professional reasons, or a team of employees drive a fleet of wrapped vehicles, everyone else on the road will see your wrapped vehicle.  When passing cars see your wrapped vehicle they will begin to remember your brand, logo and who you are.  This means that they are already creating brand recall, which is an incredibly important marketing tool.  If they are interested in your product immediately they will be able to see a phone number and call or visit a website.  This produces immediate results.  Perhaps they do not immediately need your product or service but in 3 months they do.  They may have otherwise not known about your business but now that they have seen your wrapped vehicles during around town they know that you are a reputable and prominent business and they may decide to utilize your business.  Vehicle wraps are a non-aggressive form of advertising that reaches a larger audience than almost any other form of advertising.  They are cost effective because you only have to pay for them once they continue to work for you as long as you use your vehicle.  Ultimately, having a vehicle wrap installed on a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles is one of the best marketing options for any business.



When you think about the image your business portrays, what do you think of?  Are you trendy?  Traditional?  Reliable?  Modern?  Technology-driven?  A business professional?  Formal?  Quirky?  A niche-specific business?  Whatever your business is, or the particular field and clientele you cater to, it is important that your business materials, logo, signs, banners, paper products and more all project the right kind of message for your business.  This may sound easy but graphic design requires a specific eye for artistic expression, technological expertise, business knowledge and industry knowledge about what attracts customers.  Many people see the computer software available to the masses and think that with some creative editing and a little time on the computer they can design a business logo and appropriate marketing materials for their business.  What may look great in your eyes could be sending the wrong message to potential customers and be negatively impacting your business.  You have spent time, money and energy creating a business and the last place you want to skimp is on graphic design which is why it is critical for all businesses to take advantage of professional graphic design.  Below are three reasons every business should hire a professional graphic designer.

  1. Training & Knowledge
  • When hiring a professional graphic designer it is important to check their resume and references to see what their credentials are.  You want to hire someone with experience and training because a good graphic designer is not just someone with knowledge about art and the latest edition of Photoshop.  Hiring a professional graphic designer is worth it because you do not have training on special software that a graphic designer has, as well as honed artistic expertise and industry knowledge about attracting customers.  Graphic designers are trained in how to use space, font, art and design to uniquely brand your business to create a customer base.  You would not hire an untrained plumber or try to cut your own hair and you should not try to do your own professional graphic design because you are not trained to do so.
  1. Time Saver
  • As a busy business owner or manager you know how time consuming it can be to run your business the way you want to and keep customers happy.  Whether you are dealing with the financial side of your business or out working with customers face to face, one thing is certain, you do not have the hours and hours of time necessary for designing your logo and other important marketing materials.  Your time is better spent on important things related to your business.  Hire a professional to handle the graphic design so that you can better prioritize your time for your business.
  1. Improved Marketing & Increased Revenue
  • If you design your own logo and marketing materials you may think it looks good but it may not do the job of marketing that you had hoped it would.  Not everyone has an artistic eye or the knowledge of how to best market to consumers.  A trained graphic designer has learned about marketing strategies and techniques to create a logo and marketing materials for your business so that you can reach a broader demographic, attract more customers and increase your revenue.


Fry Media custom DisplayHow many brands are you exposed to on a daily basis?  From the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed, you are likely exposed to hundreds if not thousands of brands, just in a single day.  Each and every brand is thoughtfully designed to lend itself to a certain clientele, attract customers, make an impact on customers and, hopefully, create return customers.  When branding is done well, a simple image or logo is all it takes for a consumer to recognize a trusted brand and, once that has happened, a business often reaches a different level of success.  For example, Nike is a company that manufactures a lot of products from shoes to sporting goods to other athletic wear.  There are many other companies that also manufacture all of those things but if you see their signature “swoosh” on a shoe, you know exactly who made it – Nike.  Without even seeing the word “Nike” you inherently know that the “swoosh” means that it is a Nike product.  When a brand can speak for itself it tells the customer that it is a good, trusted product from a successful company.  Forbes explains the importance of building a brand, “Looking out into the world today, it’s easy to see why brands are more important now than at any time in the past 100 years. Brands are psychology and science brought together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark. Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable. Many companies put the value of their brand on their balance sheet…No branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitability. People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands. In a movement strategy, brands have a purpose that people can get behind. Brands can inspire millions of people to join a community. Brands can rally people for or against something. Products are one dimensional in a social media enabled world, brands are Russian dolls, with many layers, tenets and beliefs that can create great followings of people who find them relevant. Brands can activate a passionate group of people to do something like changing the world.”  Essentially, successful branding adds an imperceptible worth to a business or product.  But, that branding does not just magically happen, it is a thoughtful execution of marketing that helps a business develop its brand.  There are many ways to market your business and a variety is recommended to reach a diverse demographic and one great way to “brand” your business is at trade shows.  Not just any trade show display will make an impact so it is wise to invest in a custom trade show display to help your business properly develop its brand.

Businesses often make the mistake of simply renting a standard generic trade show display and then placing their signage or banners, products and other marketing material in the booth for a show.  This may seem fine at first glance but in a sea of similar products or direct competitors at a trade show your business may just get lost in a sea of logos and noise.  A custom trade show display presents a unique way to brand your business and market directly to consumers and other business so that you can establish your brand.  When you design your trade show display do not over-clutter it and mix the message you send, you want customers to be able to see your brand, see your products and clearly see your logos and message so that they retain it – creating brand recognition.  Nobody wants to read walls of text about a business or product, they want to know what your brand is about, what you are promoting, who your business is and why they should spend their hard earned money on your products.  When a trade show attendee walks around they will be inundated with messages from various booths and businesses, focus on one message about your business so that they are not further confused.  Keep them focused on what is most important.  When you have invested in a custom trade show display you can take it to multiple trade shows and rework it to best promote your business for each trade show.  It is an investment in your business and brand that will pay for itself time and time again.


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Fry Media custom Display

When a customer first walks in to your store or showroom they want to be wowed.  Shopping is not simply utilitarian – it is an experience.  For some, shopping is, in many ways, entertainment.  Just placing items on rows and rows of bland shelves that all look the same may serve the purpose of “displaying” products for customers but it will not do much to excite them, entice them or enhance their shopping experience.  A custom retail display will really produce that “wow factor” that all stores are looking to achieve.  With a custom retail display or kiosk on which to display products, product information or store information it will enhance a customer’s shopping experience in many ways.

A custom retail display enhances a customer’s shopping experience by first being visually appealing and inviting upon entering a store.  When placed well a custom designed retail display will catch a customer’s eye and immediately let them know they have entered the right store.  Before they have even looked at anything, their experience is a good one.  Next, a custom designed retail display or kiosk will put items that they should look at right at eye level on an easy on a stylishly designed display.  The display lets them know that this product or information is something worth looking at.  The fact that a product is prominently displayed adds to its perceived worth so a customer knows that the store is essentially “recommending” it.  By displaying it and providing information right at a convenient level to see and access you make a customer’s experience more enjoyable because they will not have to dig around on endless shelves to look for the product displayed.  Instead, it is easy to find and see and the way it is displayed makes the shopping experience that much more fun.  A custom retail display will show that a product or brand has been invested in because it is worth it and the retail display enhances the elegance of the product which makes the overall shopping experience more elegant.  Lastly, a customer is a consumer and is therefore always interested in learning more about different products that they may potentially want to purchase going forward.  A custom retail display educates the customer not only about a specific product but about a brand as well.  This education makes the shopping experience more informative and helps customers find more products that will improve their lives.  Ultimately, a customer wants to feel like they are shopping in a high end place, purchasing a great product and learning more about other products they may want.  A custom retail display does all of that and more by truly enhancing every aspect of the customer’s shopping experience.


When it comes to advertising it is important to use every square inch at your fingertips to get a customer’s attention.  When a customer walks into a store they instantly receive a lot of messages with their eyes and ears.  They may hear something from overhead speakers, see various packaging or assorted signs throughout the store and all of this informs their decision making about where they will go in the store and what they will purchase.  If you have something you want to alert customers to or have them go to a certain area of the store to see you have to cut through all of the other noise and get their attention in a unique way.  Floor and window graphics can do just that and more.  With floor and window graphics, the possibilities are truly endless.

Floor and window graphics can be custom designed and ordered for your specific needs, unique products or special promotions.  If you are having a sale or special promotion for a particular brand in the back corner of your store you can use floor graphics to alert them to the sale and lead them all the way to exactly where you want them.  The appeal of floor and window graphics is that it is not just another sign posted, it is a fun and unique way to get a customer’s attention.  Additionally, floor and window graphics can be moved or changed out as you need without causing any damage to the surface they were attached to.  Because of this, they are an incredibly versatile and inexpensive form of advertising.  Floor graphics are not strictly for indoor use, they can even be applied to concrete outside.  Utilize them on the sidewalk or if you have an outdoor event to grab a potential customer’s attention.  Floor decals can also be used for special events to create a unique setting on things like a dance floor or in the center of a convention.  This way, you are able to advertise a business, display a couple’s monogram, or send a message to customers or guests that makes a true impact but is not permanent.  Customers will also appreciate that they are being informed of where things are and what is happening in the store.  No matter what type of business you own, there is a use for floor and window graphics and they can be uniquely designed to aesthetically coordinate with your business’s style and customer.



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