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Fry Media custom DisplayIn the business world, it is important to network and get your brand out there to as many people as possible.  There are many ways to do this but one tried and true way that has stood the test of time is trade shows.  Trade shows are a great opportunity to not only make important business connections and network with people in your industry but to attract new customers as well.  If you intend to not only attend a trade show but showcase your business, it is important that you stand out amongst the competitors and get noticed.  This can prove difficult in a sea of booths with potentially similar products or services so how do you make your business pop and rise above the cookie cutter look that trade show booths often have?  Custom designed trade show displays are the answer.

When you have worked hard to establish your brand and promote your product why make it look like everyone else’s at a tradeshow with a generic tradeshow display?  If you have attended a tradeshow you have probably seen a table with a cover, probably a banner and some propped up board displays in a booth.  In fact, that is probably what the majority of the booths at the tradeshow looked like.  The problem with this is that even great products get lost in a bland ocean of boring displays and nothing really has a chance to truly “pop.”  Your unique product has unique branding and with a custom trade show display you can design your tradeshow display to specifically showcase your product and make it catch the eye of passersby.  Not only will a custom trade show display properly showcase your product and business but it will look more appealing and professional to potential customers.  What better way to network and draw people into your booth than with something that looks polished and professional.  A tradeshow display that looks like a high school presentation project will hardly scream “come buy our products!”  But a professionally designed display will look like you have invested in your business, that you business is successful and that your product or services are worthwhile and trustworthy.  These are exactly the kinds of things that customers, clients and potential networking connections are looking to see and with your custom trade show display, this is what they will find.

While a custom trade show display will cost more upfront, if you intend to attend more tradeshows a custom display will more than pay for itself over time.  Each time you have to rent a tradeshow display it will cost money, you will have to reconfigure and setup everything and it will never look quite like it is your own.  You will own it so you can tweak and change it as needed should new products or services become available that you want to display.  A custom display is an investment that will help your business always look professional without having to constantly reinvest money in tradeshow displays.  Additionally, when you design a custom tradeshow display you will be able to use it whenever you need it.  If you so choose, you could display your tradeshow display in a storefront, at a convention, or any other location of your choice when it is not being used for tradeshows.  A custom tradeshow display more than pays for itself over time and will help generate important networking connections and attract new customers.


These days it seems like everything is at our fingertips.  If you decide you want to, you can start a new business, use a template to design a website, order business cards online and have them shipped to your door and off you go.  But, generic templates or a shoddy attempt to DIY your graphic design for your business will likely end up in your looking less than professional and possibly giving the wrong first impression.  In business, just like in life, first impressions are very important and can mean the difference between someone giving you their business or taking their business to your competitor.  Just like you would not ask a hairdresser to do your taxes, or vice versa, an account to cut your hair, you should not try to DIY your graphic design work.  Just because you might have photo editing tools or special programs on your computer does not mean you spend years being educated on graphic design and honing your skills.  Graphic designers are highly educated and have an artistic talent that has been carefully crafted over time so that they could work professionally as graphic designers.  The American Institute of Graphic Arts describes what exactly graphic design is, “Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms. The experience can take place in an instant or over a long period of time. The work can happen at any scale, from the design of a single postage stamp to a national postal signage system, or from a company’s digital avatar to the sprawling and interlinked digital and physical content of an international newspaper. It can also be for any purpose, whether commercial, educational, cultural, or political.”

Graphic designers are not only artistic but have been trained in the latest technology to ensure they can achieve any artistic creation that a client so desires.  Just because you theoretically could do something, like design a logo, does not mean you should.  Not only could it take countless hours, days or months to get what you want just right, but it may never truly be “just right.”  Those hours could be far better spent building your business and promoting your brand.  Additionally, in a world with so many competitors with similar products or services, it is important to brand your business so that your customers and clients know exactly who you are, exactly what you do and want to keep bringing their business back to  you.  Brand recall is one of the most important facets in today’s marketplace and one way to achieve brand recall is through creative and interesting branding with logos and other media and that can only be created with graphic design.  And not just any graphic design, but fresh, new, innovative cutting-edge graphic design that will help you stand out from competitors and be seen by clients and consumers.  A good graphic designer will help you bring your ideas about your business to life and achieve the message that you want to send about your business through imagery and text.  Often, a great idea may never be truly heard because it was not communicated properly.  Sometimes people are better at thinking of the idea than they are at executing it and that is where a graphic designer comes in.  Through their experience and expertise they can help clients realize the true potential of their ideas with graphic design.  And ultimately, professional graphic design will simply make your business look more professional and therefore more reliable which attracts more customers.  So, rather than trying to save money by doing your own professional graphic design you could be hindering yourself and your business and losing money because your graphic design is failing your business.  Professional graphic design is an investment that will pay you back tenfold because it will attract more customers.


When designing a business, many people think about the interior, but the exterior is important as well.  If people do not see signs for your business, they may not even know it is there and that is a missed opportunity for a customer.  The perfectly place sign will direct customers to your business but signs are not simply utilitarian.  Signs are also an important extensions of your brand and help market your business.    Signs come in a variety of styles but many of the standard, generic signs do not really do much other than tell the name of your business.  To truly invest in your business and promote your brand, a custom sign is the way to go.  The investment in a custom design will pay you back again and again as it signals to your customers that you care about every detail of your business and have taken the time and money to make every detail perfect.

Custom signs can be design beyond a simple standard text on top of a single color background.  These days, the market is saturated with competitors and it is important to make your brand stand out so that customers remember your brand and want to come back time and time again.  Forbes explains the importance of building a brand that people recognize, ” In one sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise. Think of some top brands and you immediately know what they promise: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Ford, Apple, MetLife.  You know what you’re going to get with a well-branded product or service.  In another sense, a brand is a specific combination of logo, words, type font, design, colors, personality, price, service, etc.  It’s also a bundle of attributes. Think of Volvo, for instance, and your first thoughts are probably going to be something like “well built, comfortable, Swedish” and, most of all, “safety.”  The promise, look, personality and attributes can eventually acquire a special patina of what I call “me” appeal. Buying a certain brand says something about the person who buys it. Apple has that patina.”  People recognize the Apple brand because of the “Apple Symbol” not because of the word, per say.  If a sign simple read “Apple” in a Times New Roman font but did not have their classic font or iconic “Apple symbol” people would probably not even recognize that the sign was promoting an Apple store.  Brand recognition is important and there needs to be brand consistency across the board, and that includes custom signs.  A custom sign is a relatively small investment that will pay off in a big way for your brand and business.  Once brand recognition is built, customers will see your logo and may not even need to read your sign, they will simply see your custom sign and recognize it as your business.  A custom sign will promote your business in a unique way that standard, generic sign never could and your customers will be excited to come to your business.


Every business is looking for a unique way to catch a customer’s attention, excite them about a product and entice them to make a purchase.  Within a store, you can advertise a product with a sign posted announcing the product or a particular sale you have going on.  But, everyone has signs and many customers have grown so accustomed to seeing them that they may look right past them.  If you have a new product that you really want customers to see, or a special promotion in a certain area of your store, one way to direct customers right where you want them to go is with floor graphics.  Floor graphics are an important part of point-of-purchase advertising and a useful form of marketing for any business.  They are easily interchangeable, affordable and unique – essentially, the ideal marketing tool.

One of the more obvious uses of floor graphics is to direct customers to a product or area or to help them find their way to something, such as a bathroom.   Helping customers find their way is important but there are certainly more uses.  In a retail space where promotions and products are continually changing, removable floor graphics are an ideal choice for promotions.  They will immediately draw the customer’s eye to what they are announcing and as an added bonus, they are non-slip so they make your retail space more safe in the process.  But, a floor graphic does more for a business than direct a customer’s attention to a certain area of the store or a specific product.  It can also be used purely for decor.  Floor graphics can be designed in any finish, pattern, size or shape that you need and many business are choosing floor graphics to personalize their space.  A floor graphic can completely altar the feel of a business space and can be used to enhance a reception area and make your customer or client experience ideal.  The graphics can be used on almost any surface so they are very flexible and ideal for businesses and venues of all kinds from retail spaces to sporting events.  In addition to being useful in your retail space or venue, they can even be used outside to attract and direct traffic to you.  They can be applied to concrete so they can go right on the sidewalk outside to let customers know you have a promotion going on which may just entice them to step inside.  When you have a new product, promotion or just want to attract interest to your business, consider using floor graphics for a flexible, affordable and highly successful marketing tool.


We live in a visual culture.  Word of mouth is great, but recollection is another thing altogether.  For any business and brand, creating brand recall amongst consumers is one of the most important things to do.  The market is saturated with many businesses all selling the same or very similar products so how does the consumer choose which brand to purchase?  Perhaps they have heard a brand name from a friend and choose to give it a try.  But often, they recognize a brand or logo from advertising, assume it is a well-known or popular brand and purchase it.  And, when they go to purchase again, they will most likely still recall the image and name and become a repeat customer.   Marketing and advertising can be a very costly expense for any business and it can be hard to determine where to spend your marketing money.  Should you buy advertising time on television or billboards on the side of the road?  Should you place an ad in the local newspaper or in a widely distributed magazine?  How can you best reach your target audience?  One option many businesses are choosing is to utilize vehicle wraps to advertise their business.  It is an invaluable tool and below we will discuss three reasons why a business should use vehicle wraps to advertise and market their business.

1. Reach a Wide Audience

  • Advertising sent through the mail will likely make its way into many homes….and then be promptly thrown in the trash.  How do you reach a wide audience without spending an arm and a leg?  Advertising is important, even for small businesses, but the expense can be too much to swallow for many small or new businesses.  Using a vehicle wrap, especially for companies that have cars, trucks or vans already out in the field on a daily basis, is an easy way to reach a large audience.  Every time one of your drivers goes from Point A to Point B, they are advertising.  Whether it is a personal vehicle wrapped with your business’ logo or all of your company vehicles, every time they leave the parking lot or garage, they will be a roaming advertisement for your business that will reach an audience of potential customers from every socioeconomic background.

2. Cost Effective

  • Most advertising has to be paid for on a weekly or monthly basis.  A radio or television spot will have to be renewed regularly, magazine advertising paid for monthly, and so on.  With a vehicle wrap, it is a one-time expense that will keep paying for itself over and over again in new business.  You will not have to pay extra for better placement or optimal times, your vehicle wrap will advertise for you around the clock, every day of the week.

3. Appealing Without Being Intrusive

  • Many people either tune out advertising such as commercials on television or radio, or are annoyed by them altogether for interrupting something they are being entertained by.  It can be aggravating to sort through all of the “junk mail” when looking for urgent mail and people become aggravated with being bombarded by constant advertisement that is in their face.  With a vehicle wrap, you will garner attention without shoving your business down someone’s throat.  Sometimes, your brand may subtly be embedded in someone’s mind without them even realizing it because they see your logo on a vehicle and it creates recall later on when they need services or products that your business provides.  Vehicle wraps offer the best of both worlds, memorable advertising without being obnoxious.


Fry Media custom DisplayHave you seen that your industry has an upcoming trade show and wondered if you should attend?  And, more than attend, if you should have a display at the tradeshow for your business or product?  Having a display at a trade show is not without cost, so will the ROI really be worth it?  If you have a boring trade show display that does not create any interest or attract customers or other businesses, the answer is probably no.  Trade shows are about more than just showing up, you need to make a true impact or you will be lost in a sea of competitors.  A custom trade show display will be more than worth the investment and will help significantly increase your ROI.

The market today is often saturated with many similar products, making it difficult for an existing product to stand out and very hard for a new product to make a noticeable splash.    A business trying to promote their products or introduce new products needs every advantage they can get when it comes to marketing.  Trade shows help connect you with other businesses with which you can work and with potential customers specifically interested in the types of products you sell.  Trade shows cut through many steps to put you right in front of your target customer, but without an interesting display, will they even stop by to learn more about your product?  A custom trade show display presents you with a unique opportunity to market your products in the best way possible.  Every brand has a unique identity and it is important to promote that specific identity down to even the tiniest details.  A custom trade show display can be designed so that it best displays your unique products, showcases your brand and logo and draws in the customer.  A custom trade show display shows that you have put time and money into your product and communicates to the consumer that you are an authority and are invested in the types of products you sell.  Professional, custom trade show displays make your brand look far more reliable and trustworthy and will make a consumer want to learn more.  The more consumers that stop by your booth, the more leads that you generate.  Because, not only will those that stop by your booth potentially end up purchasing your products, but if you have a unique and interesting booth, they will tell others.   The value of word of mouth promotion cannot be underestimated.  It is free and it is incredibly effective.  When you create buzz about your products and the interesting custom display you have, the more people that will want to stop by and learn more.  So, if you are going to invest your money in attending a trade show and displaying your products, as well as your time to travel to the show and be there each day, it had better be well worth it.  A custom trade show display will market your brand and product in the most ideal way possible and help you generate more business, and ultimately, a much better ROI.


Fry Media custom DisplayIf you go shopping, you are likely to see many kiosks and in fact, so many, you may not even notice them all.  And that, is a problem for the product being promoted at the kiosk.  A boring, bland kiosk can easily get lost in a sea of other kiosks and advertisements and go unnoticed.  Even if it is a truly great product, it may not get the attention or recognition it deserves because of an ineffective kiosk.  For this reason, it is always a wise idea to invest in a custom kiosk display to properly promote your product and business so that your product gets noticed, makes and impact, and ultimately, gets purchased.

Money and time is invested in the design of a product, as well as the packaging and marketing materials.  You may think those things alone are enough and that the product that you believe in and are proud of will stand out on its own.  But often, consumers need incentive to even take a second look at a product.  Consumers are being constantly marketed to, at every turn and everywhere they look, so a boring, run of the mill display is unlikely to draw their attention or their money.  It is important to not only invest time and money in your product, but in the display that will be promoting your product.   A kiosk should be eye catching, vibrant, professional and ultimately, should ideally showcase your product.  Perhaps you have a unique product, with a custom kiosk display you can design the kiosk to perfectly display the product.   A custom designed kiosk display allows you to showcase your specific brand and attract your target audience.  You can tailor the size, layout, design, colors and overall structure to be something that is head-to-toe your brand.  When something is so impeccably designed and when a kiosk is configured to perfectly display your products, they will not get lost in the sea of competitors but will make the lasting impact that you hope to generate.  Brand recognition creates return customers so that custom designed kiosk will keep paying you back with loyal customers that will want to be return customers.  Custom designed kiosks allow you to increase your customer base exponentially while improving their shopping experience because they can truly get excited about the product they are about to purchase.  A custom kiosk display is a relatively inexpensive way, compared to other advertising options, to reach a wide and diverse audience that will be genuinely interested in your product because of the quality display.


Branding is a term that gets thrown around a lot.  It is important for any business, whether or big or small, to focus on branding.  By developing your brand, focusing your key demographic and tailoring your products to meet the demand of your key demographic, you create interest in your products and ultimately, success which leads to profit.   When developing your brand, it is important to utilize the tools of a professional graphic designer to ensure that your brand conveys the exact message you want to, looks professional, and showcases your business in the best way possible.  Some businesses, particularly small businesses, may try to get by without hiring a professional graphic designer, assuming that they are capable of creating a good enough logo, business cards and marketing materials.  But that is exactly what you will end up with – good enough.  Or, worse.  Just as you would not hire a plumber to do surgery, you should not try to do graphic design on yoru own unless you have studied it.  There is a n art to graphic design and true talent can mean the difference between a business ending up with successful graphic design and a lackluster logo.

Any business, whether big or small, should utilize the experience, talent and artistic eye of a graphic designer so that their business’ branding can truly stand out.  Small Business Trends explains how critical it is that every business, regardless of size, hire a professional graphic designer, “According to the Tronvig Group that I mentioned above,  branding is what creates customer loyalty.  They say it is what keeps consumers loyal and buying repeatedly.  I would agree with that … but….I’d go further.  Branding is what helps a prospective buyer call to mind a particular company when it comes time to buy.  In other words, branding also helps with awareness.  In a world of infinite choices, branding that helps people remember YOUR company is more important than ever. Today consumers have a seemingly endless choice of retailers, products and services available at their fingertips online, or at the local strip shopping centers or shopping malls.  If consumers are shopping for something, what do they do?  Go to Google, where billions of Web pages and yellow page listings are available.  Not only are there many choices, but some of the decision factors that traditionally separated and defined companies are today transparent and without much difference.  Take, for example, pricing.  Pricing is easier to discover and compare than ever before.  In certain industries there may be very little price difference.  When all prices are the same, what makes the buyer choose one over another?  Nuances and qualitative factors may make the difference.  For small businesses, what sets apart the business may be factors such as high quality, craftsmanship, personalized customer service, superior knowledge to help customers make the proper product selections, and similar qualitative factors.  The challenge for some small businesses is how to get customers to think of them when it’s time to buy.  You don’t want your company to be nonexistent in the customer’s mind.  And if they see your brand name in a list of competing vendors (such as in a search engine), you want your brand to be associated with positive factors that make it stand out.  Branding is not a replacement for sales or specific marketing campaigns.  But branding assists and reinforces your sales and marketing efforts in important ways.”  Brand recognition creates recalls, which ultimately, creates return customers.  If a customer recalls your brand and logo as something tacky or boring, they may simply bring their business to the competitor.  Branding through graphic design creates, whether subtly or boldly, an impactful and professional look that will make customers want to give you their business.


Custom signage is an excellent way for a business to gain competitive advantage while providing an attractive visual platform that is viewed by thousands. There are many different types of custom signs, all of which can be implemented to help your business succeed. From personalized indoor and outdoor signage to mobile marketing with vehicle wraps, custom signs open up a world of opportunities to market your brand to the public. If you are looking to distinguish yourself from your competitors, then custom signs can help you do so in a variety of ways.

The first impact that custom signs have is that they make your business stand out in the eyes of passers-by. Attractive and well-designed custom signage can attract new customers to your business without even knowing what you sell. Standard signage, on the other hand, can detract potential customers from entering your store without even giving it a chance. First impressions are so powerful that a great custom sign can be the difference between a loyal customer and a missed opportunity. Many fledgling businesses make the mistake of overlooking this critical aspect of marketing. Don’t allow this to happen to your business. While all of your competitors are neatly sealed inside the box, you can break out of it with custom signage.

Another way that custom signs can set your business apart from others is that, if used strategically, they can help you establish your band. If you have a potentially iconic logo, it should be paired with an equally impressive sign to maximize its effect. A custom sign builder can fabricate signage in an array of materials and to your exact specifications, allowing the sign to complement your logo, rather than hold it back. Aside from the obvious advantage of drawing eyeballs to your business, custom signage can even become an integral part of your brand as customers begin to associate your business with the visual attractiveness

The impact of your marketing will be greater if you use a multipronged approach by combining different types of signage to present a well-rounded message to your customers. For example, your outdoor sign is the one that customers will see first. This sign does not exist to sell your products; it exists to sell your brand to the public. It is for this reason that your outdoor sign needs to be attractive and inviting, beckoning customers to flock in from the streets like moths to a light bulb. This is merely the first step.

Once your customers are inside your establishment, the goal is no longer to draw them in, but to keep them interested and informed. If the first sign is what made them come, then the second sign should be what makes them stay. For instance, if you own a retail establishment, the second sign that a customer may see would be on the window or on a display near the entrance. What you put on this sign could determine whether your customer is there for a short one-time visit, or the first visit of many. Nothing draws customers in like a good deal, so with these signs you should advertise any sale or special that may be going on. Like with outdoor signs, a custom touch can go a long way with keeping a customer’s attention with indoor signage. Depending on your business type, floor decals can be a great way to communicate with your customers. If that wouldn’t work for your business, then custom window signs or decals can also effectively communicate sales to your customers.

The last component of in-store signage is informational signs that should be used to explain product benefits to the customers in a concise, easy to understand manner. It is important not to get too wordy with these signs, as it is easy to lose a customer’s attention. On the other hand, you must provide enough information to allow the customer to make an informed purchase. Again, a custom touch will help your customers stay engaged and entertained.

There are other modern marketing techniques that can be used in conjunction with traditional signage, like vehicle wraps and traveling billboards. If used appropriately and tastefully, they can reinforce your brand in a fun and exciting way. When considering your business’s marketing, it is critically important to make sure that the different phases of your custom signage are in sync with each other visually and with the overall message that you want your business to convey. If executed properly, custom signage will be a valuable asset to your business for years to come.


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Fry Media custom Display

While finding new methods of marketing and advertising is important to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, sometimes practices that have been around for hundreds of years are still equally as effective. Trade shows are a great way to mingle with hundreds of other reputable businesses who are interested in meeting the same goal as you: attracting new customers. At these exciting events, there are opportunities to network and meet new professionals who could potentially become clients, suppliers, or important distributors. There are also exceptional opportunities to meet potential customers who are looking for the latest and greatest products that can provide them with something unique and different. Preparing for one of these events and designing a booth that sets your company apart from the hundreds of others can easily be done with some simple tips. Here are just some of the many things you can do to make your business “pop” with a custom trade show display.

First, consider your target market and what they are interested in seeing in both your product and your presentation. Chances are you have selected a certain portion of the population as your target for one reason or another. Perhaps they share similar viewpoints regarding the use of your product or maybe you have designed something to make life easy for people who are constantly on-the-go. Whatever it is that sets your product apart from competitors’ and is being used to attract potential customers, this is what you want to display. The product alone may not be able to generate the traffic you are hoping to see, but coupled with an exceptional presentation that highlights the product’s strengths is a fantastic way to attract the attention of attendees.

Second, practice giving your presentation for lots of people. You may consider practicing for your family, neighbors, or even your boss. While having a memorized presentation stored in your head is one method of preparation, it may backfire if you become nervous or are presented with a question for which you haven’t “memorized” an answer. Rather than rattle off a verbose statement about the company or service, consider highlighting some bullet points and then expanding on those when asked questions. Basically, let the person who visits your booth lead the discussion about the product and just be prepared to offer insight and general information.

Third, collaborate with professionals who have proven success of helping customers put together an effective trade show display. There is a reason why they have made a living off of creating custom displays for a variety of businesses. The training and experience these experts have had can give you the confidence that they will be able to design a unique trade show display that accurately depicts what your company does.

Fourth, as part of your trade show display, consider giving away swag to people who stop by. There is nothing quite like getting free stuff. While it may not be wise to give away free product, there are many other items you can give away such as samples, and pens, paper, stress balls, or lip balm with the company logo emblazoned on. You never know, the person using your pen to jot down a phone number later next week could see your company name and number again and decide he is interested in finding out more about the company. Giving away stuff to people who come by your booth is a fantastic way to add value to your trade show display.

Fifth, make sure you have plenty of time before the actual show to set up and get comfortable with the trade show display you have designed. It is crucial to build up your professional reputation from the minute you arrive. Showing up late may end up causing you problems especially if you are still trying to set up when the event starts. If your display is especially large or requires a lot of set up, be sure to enlist the help of people who are capable of getting things put together efficiently to maximize time so you can be completely prepared when the doors open.

Make your trade show display the only one of its kind when you take these measures to ensure uniqueness, professionalism, and preparedness. With the help of experts, you can undoubtedly design a display that sets your company apart from everyone else in attendance.


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